He/him • 21+ • Congolese-French
Hobbyist artist & writer • Uni student


Hello, I'm Fülli, your typical hobbyist artist and writer! Most of my works revolve around my own characters and universe.
My other interests include history, literature, and video games.

Some games I like

Ace Attorney // Touhou Project // Undertale & Deltarune // Animal Crossing // The Legend of Zelda // Pokémon // The Binding of Isaac // Crypt of the NecroDancer // Paper Mario // Cave Story


Some samples of my art; click for full view.

Zine/mod experience

Mod experience

Wishes, Curses and Dreams: A Fairy Tale Mini-ZineOrganization2021Complete
Edgeworth Family WeekOrganization, graphics, social media2021, 2022Complete
In the Shadow of the Incident: A Larry Butz ZineOrganization, art, graphics, formatting, social media2022Complete

Contributor experience

Et le grain mourut

Et le grain mourut is the title of the visual novel I'm working on!It's about a bunch of Parisian teens and young adults from the 20s trying to pass their exams, solving their personal problems, and finding out why books are curiously disappearing from the protag's family library.This game is meant to be a tribute to some of my favourite books, and my love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the city of Paris, so I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it! It's planned to be free, and available in both English and French.For more info about the characters, please check this Toyhouse folder. As it's a passion project and I'm the only person working on it, development is obviously going slowly. Thank you for your patience!